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Building Beyond Boarders

Building Beyond Borders is the vibrant missions ministry that champions the cause of less fortunate people in our local community and around the globe. It does so by identifying the needs of humanity and seeks to cultivate awareness of how you and I can partner together to make a difference, compelling us who are in a more fortunate community to take action today.

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Local Missions

of Mercy

We believe in the importance of being merciful, compassionate and caring of our neighbours and our community.


Houses of Mercy is a mercy ministry of Kelowna Christian Center. We believe in the importance of being merciful, compassionate and caring of our neighbours and our community.

Houses of Mercy serves the community of Rutland and our KCC body in various ways. The Rutland Community Food Center (RCFC) is one of those ways - where we give out food and share in fellowship over coffee and snacks each Tuesday Night with our community. It’s an incredible opportunity to give and serve!

International Missions


“He will raise a flag among the nations for them to rally to; he will gather the scattered Israelites from the ends of the earth.”
Isaiah 11.11
 Andrew Green

Israel and her people are on God’s heart. The nation stands as prophetic fulfilment, a witness to the world. Here at BBB we want to play our part in caring for the people of ‘The Land’, and help support the Church there. BBB will be working with three strategically chosen people/ministries in Israel to:

* CHURCH: Support persecuted pastors and congregations

* COMPASSION: Provide practical help and support to the most needy

* EVANGELISM: Share with both Jews and Arabs that Yeshua is truly their Messiah

CHURCH: Our focus will be churches in Ashdod, Arad, Nazareth, Afula, and Beit She’an. These five congregations and their pastors are working to reach out to their communities, often in the face of hostility and persecution (relational, financial, and occasionally physical). Despite the ‘hard ground’ they sew in, they want to accelerate their impact in their towns. Our financial support will help them do that. [BBB in conjunction with OBFF]

COMPASSION: Dr. Herbert Goldberg is a holocaust survivor who has been in the ministry over 60 years. Together with his sons, Gabriel and David, he established an Israeli charitable organisation dedicated to sharing the love of Yeshua with the neediest in practical ways. This includes soup kitchens, food distribution, and clothing distribution in both Haifa and Jerusalem. Through this work the Goldberg family demonstrate that God’s compassion is for everyone, and our support will be used to further this work. [BBB in conjunction with A Lema’an Zion Inc.]

EVANGELISM: Rachel Netanel loves to open ‘blind eyes’ to the fact that Yeshua is the Messiah. Coming from a religious Jewish background, she understands how to present the Bible to Israelis – both Jews and Arabs – according to their culture. A key aspect of her outreach is based on the Jewish tradition of ‘hospitality’. Rachel opens up her home to any who would come, with each gathering comprising: food, music, bible teaching, fellowship and prayer. Through this type of outreach she shares Yeshua with more than 50 people per week! Despite much opposition to her work, many Israelis have accepted Yeshua through her ministry. [BBB in conjunction with ‘Beit Netanel Ministry’]


changing the lives of orphan and street children in Africa

Larry & Francine Carruthers

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Larry has played an important role with KCC missions for the past 12 years. He has chaired the Mission Committee, served on many fields and taken teams on mission trips in several countries around the world, recently leading teams into Africa. Even though he networks with many of the Building Beyond Borders projects and field reps, his primary role is establishing and developing projects in Africa.

Both Larry and Francine have compassion for orphans and street children, keeping them focused on the task of raising both awareness and funds for the destitute children in east Africa.

Larry's primary focus is overseeing the many projects they are developing and building stronger relationships and trust with our national partners on the ground. He also encourages businesses, foundations, organizations, and individuals to get involved into changing the lives of orphan and street children in Africa.

Francine, being a former teacher of Heritage Christian School, now oversees the medical clinic, serving the sick who live on the streets.

They are currently living in Kitale, Kenya since 2010.