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Ladies Connect

We apologize ladies but, Ladies Connect bible study is canceled for the month of March and will re-start Tuesday, April 3rd. 

KCC Youth

Youth events happen every week but vary every Tuesday of the month.

1st Tuesday - The Gathering

2nd Tuesday - Small Groups

3rd Tuesday - El Taco Night

4th Tuesday - Gym Night at HCS Gym


Water baptism is a very special occasion that should be shared with family and friends, and refers to a person's being submerged in water and coming up out of it. The bible compares baptism to burial. Water baptism symbolizes a person's dying to his past course of life and beginning a new one as a Christian dedicated to God. Baptism and the steps that lead up to it are God's arrangement for a person to gain a clean conscience based on his faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Thus, Jesus taught that His disciples must get baptized. A personal knowlede of the Lord Jesus is the only requirement for water baptism. When you received the Lord Jesus Christ by faith, you took part on His death, burial and resurrection, and became alive to God and a child of God.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        If you would like to be baptized, you will first need to attend an Orientation Class the week prior to Baptism Sunday, upstairs in the GMTC room on Sunday, March 18th. 

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Hope Is Here | Easter Sunday

You are invited to our Easter Celebration on Sunday, April 1st at 905 Badke Road.

Live music and service begins at 10:00 am but be sure to leave time to pickup a hot drink at our coffee bar. The Kids Ministry downstairs will include an Easter Egg Hunt. Refreshments, snacks and friendly fellowship are available after the service. Everyone welcome!

REFRESH | Ladies Weekend

Jeremiah 31:25 "I will refresh tired bodies; I will restore tired souls" 

You're invited to join us to get refreshed and rejuventated at the beautiful RockRidge Canyon in Princeton, BC. Experience worship, prayer, fellowship, zumba, nature walks, and a special message from Pastor Diana Tripke. 

Early bird pricing of $170 includes lodging and 5 meals.

Register At: http://bit.ly/2DITg2k

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March Newsletter

See all the upcoming weekly events and special events for this month. Download or print the newsletter at home or pick up a copy at our connection center Sunday mornings.