What we Believe

What we Believe

People belong and Jesus Matters

From our inception, God made it clear that Kelowna Christian Center was to keep an open heart to hear what God was saying about Church, how to be Church and how to do Church. Over the past 35 years Kelowna Christian Center’s leadership has continued to seek God and to integrate what the Holy Spirit was saying into a local expression.

Kelowna Christian Center has committed itself to the essential truths of Christian faith and has remained flexible to the methodologies God wants to use to convey those truths to our world.

Kelowna Christian Center has demonstrated a fervent passion to see personal, family, church, city and national transformation, and has worked tirelessly, on all levels, to ensure that our children have the hope of a future, bright and full of potential.

God created you. Your life has incredible, intrinsic worth. Sin devalues us, and pride separates us from getting the help that we need. Help is found in God, Who knows us intimately. God sent Jesus to save us from ourselves, to introduce us to the potential of becoming reconnected to the life of God.

God knows the future He has for us. He has called us to connect back with Him relationally, to become all He intended us to be, and invites us to make history together, doing the things He has planned for us to do before time began. We often come broken and bound.

Our ministry team has a dream of seeing every life mended - healed and whole, every person molded – their character strengthened, every individual mentored – their gifts and abilities honed, and every member a minister – mobilized for ministry, locally and globally.

It takes more than the power of one to reach the world: it takes people helping people. Together we can do what we cannot do alone. Though every one of us lives before an audience of One and has the possibility of becoming a champion, it requires a team or a family to connect with destiny.

We believe that you can finish the race of life a winner, successful at being and doing what you were called to be and do.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

We believe that every Christian needs to develop a personal relationship with God.

We therefore value: a pursuit of personal holiness, loyalty to the church, family and authenticity with those outside.

We believe that every Christian should be dependant upon the Holy Spirit.

We therefore value: seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit; and to be led and empowered by the Holy Spirit for personal growth, guidance, ministry and witness.

We believe in the lifestyle of worship.

We therefore value: a responsive attitude towards the presence of God that is seen in heart-felt praying, dancing, giving and celebration.

We believe in people reaching people with Christ’s message.

We therefore value: being culturally relevant without compromise; and using the primary means of relational evangelism.

We believe in building long term relationships.

We therefore value: a commitment to discipleship, accountability, and transparency, and believe that life change happens best in small groups.

We believe that the Christian develops best in proper relationship to godly leadership.

We therefore value: honoring those called and placed in leadership and authority in the local church.

We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people.

We therefore value: evaluation, strategic planning, and a passion to do our very best.

We believe in the importance of the family.

We therefore value supporting and developing strong people, building healthy marriages, supporting single parents and children. We believe in the biblical teaching of man and woman through God’s original design, of hetero-sexual marriage, of fidelity, and that the procreation of children which is a blessing of God to a marriage.

We believe every person is gifted by God.

We therefore value: the discovery, development and placement of these gifts in service.

We believe in the necessity and potency of prayer.

We therefore value: a personal and corporate expression of confidence and dependence upon God as the key to releasing God’s ability.

We believe that God’s Word is the cornerstone for all truth.

We therefore value: Bible instruction and training in character; and believe that its principles govern how we live in this society.

We believe in living to give and giving to live.

We therefore value wise investment of resources in people, programs, and facilities that fulfill His purpose.