What should I expect when I visit?

The 'KCC family' embraces all types of people, allowing everyone to relax and feel at home here. Our services combine great music, encouraging messages and a friendly atmosphere to create a truly enjoyable 'God-focussed' experience.

Before and after our services, people gather in the church foyer to talk over a cup of coffee. The service normally starts with a time of worship music. After this, the children go to their Sunday school classes. For the remainder of the service the adults enjoy a time of teaching, prayer, and more music.

Whether you are comfortable in suit or shorts, our desire is that you will be comfortable at KCC. Whether you are a Christian wanting to go deeper with God or someone who simply wants to know more about Him... we invite you to join us. There is a welcome for you at KCC!

Who might be preaching?

At our services you can expect to hear from one of KCC's pastors, or perhaps a visiting speaker. KCC's pastors carry a desire to share the heart of God with people:

Pastor David Kalamen carries passion in his heart to see people know God and experience His presence. His preaching encourages personal pursuit of the purpose for which we were created. His deep desire is to see Kelowna Christian Center become a family committed to growing old together. He constantly invites us to dream of a Canada transformed through obedience to Biblical principles.

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Pastor David Kalamen

Pastor Ed Berk says: “You are the created expression of a dream that lay in the heart and imagination of God. God, all powerful and able to do anything, anywhere, anytime chose to make you. Like any good 'dad', He wants us to look like Him, teaches us to speak like Him, act like Him and run His business. It is His good pleasure to give you his Kingdom”.

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Pastor Ed Berk

Pastor Brodie Kalamen is a minister at Kelowna Christian Center. His aim is to see people come to know the saving power of Jesus Christ through a revelation of the Word and a demonstration of power. His messages carry a revivalist flame and call the [Christian] church towards prayer, the Word and imposing God's Kingdom.

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Pastor Brodie Kalamen
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