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Dave Howat - Testimony

Dave HowatAs a young man, and a new Christian, I remember a short (thankfully) period of time when  I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, a little bit of "poor me" had set in.

I had received Jesus as my LORD a few years earlier, and was obeying the call of GOD to attend Bible College.  It was in my second year and I had just returned to my dorm from visiting with a friend from high school.  We became friends in grade 9, and were best friends throughout our high school years.  When I got saved, he was one of the few that stayed being my friend.

Anyway, as I said, I returned to my dorm room and was feeling sorry for myself.  The reason I was feeling down, was because during the previous few years that I had been a "poor Bible College student", my friend had been steadily employed.

He had just bought a Corvette, and I had just spent the day riding around in it.  It didn’t feel so good to come back to my little dorm to stare at my unfinished term paper that was soon due. Or the $20.00 (maybe) in my bank account.

The date was November 23, 1983.  I know this because I wrote the date in the margin of my Bible.

As I foolishly and selfishly lamented my "woes" to the Lord, HE drew my attention to a passage of scripture. I never had a scripture “jump” out at me before, it was like it was written just for me; Proverbs. 23:17-19.  It saids:

Do not let your heart envy sinners,
but always be zealous for the fear of the LORD.
There is surely a future hope for you,
and your hope will not be cut off.
Listen my son and be wise,
and keep your heart on the right path.

During the past 25 years, this passage of scripture has time and time again encouraged me to keep going, to stay the course. to press on.

There is a future hope, I have not yet seen it; GOD said there was.
There is a destiny, I have not yet fulfilled it:  GOD said I will!
What about you?  God wrote this passage of scripture for you too!

Dave Howat, God’s son since 1979

Roland (a visitor to our Food Bank)

I come for the cake, coffee and the company. The Rutland Community Food Center (hosted by KCC) helps me to get through the week with some staples. Once a month on Tuesday I come for some groceries. I feel this is an important work here ‘cause a lot of people from Rutland can’t get down to the other Food Bank in the city.

Deana Van Fleet

Kelowna Christian Center has had an amazing effect on the lives of my children and myself.  The children's ministry has captured my children's hearts completely, with the true SHOWING of love, compassion, and God's grace.  The staff, the pastors and leaders, the teachers, and the volunteers all feel that they BELONG at KCC, and that sense of belonging is passed on to every life they touch through each week.  I honestly cannot say enough good about KCC and Heritage Christian School because they both have made a tremendous difference in our lives and have participated in the sowing, the giving, the learning and the growing that is the foundation of belonging to a church family that truly is FAMILY to us.

Jody Wielgosz

Jody WielgoszWhen I first came to KCC my children were well received into the children's programs starting with Kid's church.  I knew that I had a good problem on my hands when my kids did not want to leave church.   They were welcomed and remembered from the first day they came.  They could not wait to come back the following week.   I knew that I had found a place where my children would ministered to.  As a children and youth worker working for a large organization in Kelowna I have had the opportunity to see first hand and develop many programs for children.  First and foremost children need to feel secure and cared for in any childcare setting.  To be honest with you other than home this was the place of most security for my kids.  But not only was it safe and secure it was ministering to my kids in way they loved and enjoyed so much that they could not wait to come back week after week.  In fact as I stared attending KCC more I would come to our weekly prayer meetings and my children would beg to come. As for myself I knew that I would be able to take my skills as child and youth care worker and serve in a capacity to serve the children and allow me to grow as a Christian.

The Wielgosz family top ten reason they love KCC

  1. Fun
  2. Mr. Hayden, Christine, Ashley, Daniel, Anthony, Jody, Josiah, Michelle, Christabelle, Judy, Tonya, I think it would be safe to say all the Super Church Workers. this is the list from the oldest to the youngest of our kids.
  3. Exciting
  4. The Puppet Drama's
  5. Learning while serving
  6. Games
  7. Birthday cards my girls loved receiving  Birthday cards from Kids church
  8. Did we mention games the kids love learning through games!
  9. The Drama's on Sunday morning
  10. Kids Camp and Family Fun Night

Brittany (Grade 9 Student)

I went to Harvest Hands and I found GOD! Harvest Hands has helped me through many problems I faced on a personal level, in my family, and spiritually. I am so thankful for the personal interest leaders and pastors took in my character and talents even to the point of helping me promote and sell some of my drawings to help raise money for a mission’s trip. All the youth leaders of Harvest Hands are amazing they have helped me with many things and in so many ways I could never thank them enough.

Hannah Beckman

Why do I keep going to Ladies Bible Study?  Well, I had been going to KCC for several years when I became aware that I only “knew” a small part of the congregation.  Even the bible study group I was part of consisted mostly of people my age and hardly ever a “new” person joined.  After looking around, I decided to “try” the Ladies Bible Study, and I have been blessed continuously.  Meeting especially with the young mothers, and the expectant ones, has blessed me and opened my eyes to a part of life that I had almost forgotten, not to mention the more personal praise and worship, and the teachings that give something to everybody.

Brandy (Ladies Bible Study)

I like the fact that I have been able to bring my problems and concerns with me for prayer, and no-one ever looked at me funny or made me feel uncomfortable.

Eva Lonnqvist - Music

“I know that at times things have been difficult for our worship teams, but I appreciate how they have really tried to follow God’s leading in our services – this has been a blessing to me.”

Janine Lavroff - Music

Hi everyone, my name is Janine and me and my family are fairly new to KCC. But we feel so blessed to be here. We have been involved in church for the past 20 years and for the most part it has always been a growing and learning experience. But I must say, when we started attending KCC, from the moment I stepped foot in the auditorium I felt the presence of the Lord in a way that was new to me, the worship drew me in and I started to cry, (and I am not a weepy person). But pretty much EVERY Sunday morning now, (and at ladies bible study) I feel weepy by the way when I get drawn into worship. I like the fact that people reveal their heart for the Lord and that touches me deeply. It is so beautiful to hear the shouts of joy going through the room. It opened up a part of my heart in a new way. It has been a real blessing.

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