I Have Decided... to Do Church

Jan 22, 2017

David Kalamen

Review on “Going to Church”

Global dexterity - “the ability to adapt behaviours across cultures without losing who you are in the process” (Andy Molinsky)

What is the Church facing?

- Sunday a work day
- More affluent generation with greater mobility
- Internet options to create a designer-Christianity
- Higher focus on kids – choosing sports/recreation/family time over church – along with fragmented family systems
Cultural disappearance of guilt
- More and more people self-directing their spirituality

Why Go?
Jesus regularly attended the Father’s House on the Sabbath (Lu 4:16)

Paul challenges a higher degree of Christian discipleship (Heb 10:25-26)

If we are part of the Body of Christ, by nature we are connected and should assemble (1 Cor 12:27)
Going to Church sets a positive example of priority

 Review of “Being the Church” (Ekklesia)
“an assembly of the citizens of heaven, an earthly, spiritual government, who are assembled by the Holy Spirit, to meet with Jesus, the Founder and get wisdom for enlarging the influence of the ekklesia in culture”

Called to be the kingdom of heaven on earth and
 to create a counter-culture!
Turn the world that is upside down upright!

Ekklesia functions of three levels

Being in right relationship
Knowing kingdom principles
Doing and applying who we are and
what we know

“How I see the Church determines how I am the Church which determines how I do Church!”

The ekklesia does church on three planes:

Internally, within the Church (Rom 12:5-18)
Externally, within the world (2 Cor 5:18-20)
Eternally, in the heavens (Eph 3:8-11)

Are you committed to going to church, being the church, and doing church based on God’s terms?

This commitment demands a decision……

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